Mon 20th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Mon 20th Oct 2014 at 13:19pm

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Topic: Papal Visit 2010

Jack Valero is absolutely right when he says that the English media are not anti-Catholic

Let’s not forget that Rupert Murdoch is a papal knight

The papal visit was a PR success: but no thanks to some anti-papal English Catholics

Are we now to expect a quiet undermining of what the Pope achieved?

Bishops declare visit a success

After Benedict XVI drew crowds, the country’s bishops say they are delighted

Youth worker gains fame through banner

Diocesan youth worker and friends create banners that are seen by millions around the world

Weybridge faithful enjoy vigil

Parishioners pictured at Hyde Park

Pilgrims enjoy tea at Bellahouston

Catholics from St John the Baptist in Uddingston, south Lanarkshire, pictured at Bellahouston Park

Poles have ‘wonderful’ time at Cofton Park

Poles from Wolverhampton attend the beatification Mass at Cofton Park

Three million watched papal visit online

Papal visit website reached millions across the world despite competition from BBC, Sky and EWTN

Mr Cameron, if you really mean what you say, you must allow our adoption agencies to re-open

Otherwise you will prove just how empty your words are

Debate: Are we experiencing a ‘Benedict bounce’?

And, if so, how long will it last?