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A very modern dogma has caused the National Union of Students take leave of whatever sense they had

Maiduguri Diocese attacked by insurgents, according to official

Patriarchs speak out at the In Defence of Christians summit in Washington

Refugee told militant she would rather die than give up her Christian faith.

The priest had sent a message telling the Pope: ‘I’m afraid of losing your children’

The Royal Prerogative was, in effect, abolished on the basis of a PR campaign that required Parliamentary consent to establish legitimacy for going to war, and Iraqi minorities are paying the price

Group of Iraqis refused demands of extremists to ‘convert to Islam or be beheaded’

Pope gives press conference on flight home from Seoul

UN secretary-general describes plight of Mount Sinjar refugees as ‘especially harrowing’

Responsibility to protect is enshrined in Article 18 of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights and was born in the embers of the Holocaust