Sat 1st Nov 2014 | Last updated: Fri 31st Oct 2014 at 16:19pm

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Topic: Personal Ordinariate

Ordinariate comes to life in Holy Week

Nearly 1,000 members of new ordinariate start life as Catholics after Holy Week receptions

The Holy Spirit is at work in the ordinariate

William Johnstone explains how he overcame his initial misgivings about Pope Benedict XVI’s historic offer to groups of Anglicans

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Leader of ordinariate has papal audience

Mgr Keith Newton met Pope Benedict XVI last week in a private audience at the Vatican

Anglicans prepare for a dive in the dark

Mark Greaves meets the brave members of an Anglo-Catholic parish in Kent who are preparing to cross the Tiber together in Holy Week

Pope makes former Anglican bishops monsignori

The three first clerical members of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham have been granted the title of monsignor

The Rite of Election figures have created no end of confusion. Here’s why

Is the number of people joining the ordinariate ‘close to 800′ or ‘an estimated 900′?

Record number of people to be received into the Church at Easter

Over 4,700 took part in Rite of Election ceremonies in dioceses around England and Wales, including about 800 members of the ordinariate

The Anglican Catholic patrimony which the ordinariate will bring has been enriching us for years

Think of all those great translations of Latin hymns