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The leaders said that additional funding will help respond to crises ‘that don’t make the headlines’

The priest faces a fine for blessing mayoral candidates at a Mass

The cardinal said if the Vatican cannot get a ‘good deal’ from the Chinese government then it must walk away from negotiations

At Mass, priests prayed for ‘an end to communism, especially in Cuba and Venezuela’

Catholic politician has promised to defend ‘French values’ if he is elected

Both Pontiff and President-elect have caused the press to exclaim ‘Did he really just say that?’

The decision to sign the amended peace accord was made during a meeting at a heavily guarded Catholic retreat in Bogota

The Pope sent a video message to the US bishops’ autumn conference

Archbishop Wilton Gregory leads a special task force exploring ways of promoting peace and healing across America

‘A duty to welcome and protect newcomers, particularly refugees, is an integral part of our mission,’ the bishops said in a statement