Wed 22nd Oct 2014 | Last updated: Tue 21st Oct 2014 at 16:13pm

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Topic: Pope Benedict XVI

Ordinariate is a ‘permanent feature’ for the Church, says Vatican spokesman

Fr Lombardi says the ordinariate will remain a permanent feature of the Catholic Church after Benedict XVI has abdicated

Pope Benedict XVI delivers penultimate Sunday Angelus

Benedict XVI says Catholics must endure spiritual battle during his Sunday address

How, during the lifetime of a pope, can his successor gain the authority he needs? We are in a time of uncertainty: but we are also in God’s hands

We all need to approach the conclave without resentment or feelings of betrayal

On Benedict XVI, the BBC is already writing the first draft of history

The Catholic liberal elite dominate the corporation

Pope approves new president of Vatican Bank

A shipyard chairman has been appointed as the new president of the Vatican Bank

How Pope Benedict re-ignited the flame of faith in my heart

We are ‘Generation Benedict,’ and we will miss him so much, writes Collette Power

The Holy Father’s warnings on secularism and religious liberty are borne out by the consequences of the same sex marriage Bill.

But will the next pope carry on the struggle against the dictatorship of relativism with the same clarity and determination?

In emotional final address to Rome clergy Pope says true meaning of Vatican II is finally emerging

Benedict XVI says media distortion of the Second Vatican Council caused ‘so much misery’

It is fitting that Pope Benedict made his announcement on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

It is indicative both of his love for Our Lady and an acknowledgement of his own growing weakness

Pope Benedict disturbs non-believers because for him God is the centre of everything

He shows that humility is the hallmark of authentic Christianity