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Some respected campaigners even regarded it as a civil right

Circus festival visits Pope

Church leaders from Middle East enjoy circus performance

Children from Surrey who attended the Hyde Park vigil last month make cards for the Pope

Aid to the Church in Need presents Pope with book containing names of supporters who pledge the equivalent of more than six months of prayer for the Holy Father

Pope speaks about the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners during his general audience at the Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI says new pontifical council aimed at re-evangelising the west will help ‘remake the Christian fabric of society’

Pope Benedict XVI warns participants at the Middle East Synod about the manifestation of new forms of slavery

At opening of Middle East Synod Pope Benedict warns of ‘false gods’ that beset the modern world, including terrorism and drug abuse

French president discusses Middle East with Pontiff

The claim, by Bavarian author Peter Seewald, is based on a series of interviews with the Pontiff earlier this year