Fri 24th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 12:34pm

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Topic: Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope has no power to change the nature of the priesthood. It’s hard for non-Catholics to understand this

The Church is not against women priests ‘because the Pope says so’

The Pope, what a surprise, insists in his new book that the Virgin Birth is a core Christian belief: ‘This is,’ he says, ‘a scandal for the modern spirit’

Mary, says Newman, symbolises not only the faith of the unlearned, but of the doctors of the Church, who have to draw the line between truth and heresy. This Pope is one of them

Pope’s new book on Jesus will be out in Britain in early December

Jesus of Nazareth – The Infancy Narratives will be published in hardback and cost £12.99

‘It’s wonderful being old,’ says Pope at care home for the elderly

Benedict XVI says he is ‘an elderly man visiting his peers’ during visit to a home run by the Sant’Egidio Community

All power to the Pope’s new academy for Latin. The Latin I learned at school has stayed with me forever

As the Pope says, the language is crucial for theologians. So much of St Augustine is lost in translation

Benedict XVI forced to cancel peace mission to Syria

Instead the Pope is giving £600,000 in aid and sending a cardinal to visit refugees in Lebanon

In message to Obama, Pope prays that liberty and justice will guide America

Pontiff congratulates US president on his re-election in a telegram that has not fully been made public

The Feast of All Saints prompts a deeper belief in eternal life, says Pope

The Pope has urged Catholics to deepen their belief in eternal life on the Feast of All Saints.

Christianity is not about doing good but making sense of life when sad, miserable sick or poor

A book of apologetics reminds me why that is the faith’s enduring strength

Pope names six new cardinals

It will be the smallest group of cardinals to be created at a consistory since 1977