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Nearly five years into his pontificate, Pope Francis still has not visited his homeland

Multiple churches were firebombed days before the Pope’s arrival

It is not clear whether Pope Francis was aware of Lilianne Ploumen being made a Dame in the Order of St Gregory the Great

But new arrivals must also ‘know and respect the laws, the culture and the traditions of the countries that take them in’

A note said the next bomb would be ‘in your cassock’

The philosopher, a former member of St John Paul II’s pro-life academy, said that accepting Fr Chiodi’s remarks would be a ‘betrayal’

Liberals will welcome his canonisation as a celebration of liturgical reforms. However, there’s one big obstacle.

The Pope recommended that priests observe the brief silence before the opening prayer of Mass

Those who are detached from God and the people are ‘sick pastors who have lost their authority’, Pope Francis said

If we harbour the desire to attack someone because they are weak, it is the devil, the Pope said.