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Fragile countries have collapsed into civil war and flailing politicians have proved incapable of stopping the mayhem

In the video message, the Pope asks deaf and hearing-impaired people to pray for him

The Pope said there is a ‘spirit of clericalism’ in those priests who ‘feel superior and distance themselves from the people’

Francis will celebrate Mass in the Paoline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace

At Guadalupe Mass, Pope Francis says Mary’s presence ‘leads us to reconciliation’

Francis called Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros to express his condolences after the Cairo cathedral attack

The Vatican has released the Pontiff’s annual message for the World Day of Peace

The spire from the St Benedict Basilica in Norcia, along with some rubble, has been placed next to the life-sized nativity scene

Germain Grisez and John Finnis named eight positions ‘contrary to Catholic faith’ and asked Francis to condemn them

Rigid? Disapproving? Some younger worshippers fit the description