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‘Let’s do a good housecleaning of the heart this Christmas so as to be at peace and happy’

Prominent officials in doctrine and financial reform have been removed in 2017

He also called on parents to teach children how to make the sign of the cross properly

We have already sailed through very difficult storms throughout our history

Contempt for proper procedure in the curia is palpable when dealing with some Vatican departments

The Pope condemned journalists ‘looking for things that are old news and have been dealt with and bringing them to light today’

Christians need to draw strength from the Eucharist to live out the Gospel, the Pope said

‘Reports of the Holy Father using WhatsApp are false’

The pseudonymous ‘Marcantonio Colonna’ claims Pope Francis has seen a shortlist of six possible authors

The anonymous book makes unproven claims. But some of its analysis is uncomfortably plausible