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Cardinal Brandmüller defended the dubia, saying that many people were concerned by the situation in the Church

The Pope said the devil sows ‘the diseases of worldliness’ in people’s hearts

He is the second Pope to call the space station, after Benedict XVI in 2011

Some of the Pope’s most influential associates back married priests – as well as women priests

‘Paradise is the embrace of God, infinite love, and we enter thanks to Jesus who died on the cross for us,’ said Pope Francis

It is true inequality has increased in some countries. But globally it is actually decreasing

‘One can no longer hold that translations must conform in every point to the norms of Liturgiam Authenticam,’ the Pope said

The signatories praise the Pope’s ‘courageous and theologically sound papal leadership’

He was celebrating 50 years of dialogue with the World Methodist Council

Pope Francis paid tribute to his ‘constant advocacy of dialogue and peace for all the people in the Philippines’