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The arguments against the Church’s perennial teaching are not impressive

Critics say that a new path to canonisation lowers the bar, but it is less revolutionary than they think

Charles Moore said he was glad Pope Francis had been elected, but that the Pontiff may be causing confusion

The cardinal also said there was a danger of excessive focus on the Pope

‘Sanction is doubled if the offence is committed in the presence of children,’ the sign adds

Liturgical squabbles, doctrinal rows, vicious public spats: the Church is once again gripped by a 1970s-style factionalism

Laying down one’s life for others is now a category under which a person might be beatified or canonised

People who lived a good Catholic life and who freely accepted a certain and premature death for the good of others will now be considered for beatification

Gates, who is from a Catholic family, describes contraception as ‘one of the greatest anti-poverty innovations the world has ever known’

Pope Francis reportedly said Europe ‘will no longer count for anything in the world’ if it does not federalize