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‘Michael helps us wage war, to not be seduced’

The Pope called for ‘professional journalism’ in his message for World Communications Day

It’s all right for the Church to avoid taking sides on divisive issues

‘In order to understand ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ you must read it from the beginning to the end’

He was speaking at the launch of a campaign encouraging people to meet with migrants

Two signatories explain why they took the unusual step of ‘correcting’ the Pope

It’s bad manners to discuss the terrible effects of sin. Waugh, like the authors of the correction, broke the taboo

Bishop René Henry Gracida, a friend of St John Paul II and Mother Angelica, expressed his ‘gratitude’ for the document

The signatories say that, while they do not accuse the Pope of the sin of heresy, his actions have helped doctrinal errors to spread

The Pope said he was concerned about ‘signs of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia’ in Europe