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Callista Gingrich will have a delicate task. Her indefatigable husband could complicate things

The retired pope has given a rare endorsement of a serving Church official

Most of the great theologians have defended the principle of capital punishment. We’re in danger of forgetting why

‘Today, too, there is a great need of prayer and penance to plead for the grace of conversion, to plead for the end of so many wars that are all over the world’, the Pope said

‘Let’s remember with gratitude and affection all mothers, even our mothers in heaven,’ the Pontiff said

Francisco and Jacinta Marto are the youngest non-martyrs to be declared saints

The Pope prayed and blessed candles at the Chapel of the Apparitions to mark the centenary of Fatima

Do you honour ‘a woman blessed because she believed always and everywhere in God’s words or a ‘plaster statue’ from whom we beg favours at little cost?’ the Pope asked

Pope Francis will canonise brother and sister Francisco and Jacinta Marto

The cardinal said Catholics still stand for the traditional definition of marriage