Fri 31st Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 31st Oct 2014 at 11:50am

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Topic: Pope Francis

Francis praises ‘farsightedness’ of Paul VI at beatification Mass

Two-week extraordinary synod of bishops ends with beatification Mass

Family synod: full text of Pope Francis’s concluding address

Church must resist temptation both ‘to bow down to a worldly spirit’ and adopt a ‘hostile inflexibility’

Family synod’s final report leaves controversial questions open

Francis gives speech criticising extremism both in defence of tradition and pursuit of progress

Don’t forget to praise God for all he has done for you, says Francis

Pope says giving the Lord praise ‘brings us joy, to be happy before the Lord’

Family synod: Cardinal Napier added to drafting committee

Updated translation of mid-term report released by Vatican

Full text: Updated mid-term report on family synod

Read the English translation of the relatio post disceptationem

If the Pope agrees with Cardinal Kasper’s proposal, isn’t it time that we heard it straight from him?

The Church needs a leader now not a life coach

Cardinal Kasper: majority of the synod fathers now support Communion for remarried

Cardinal Kasper says Pope thinks ‘great majority’ of Catholics support a ‘responsible opening’

Francis: Faith leads to generous love, not hypocrisy

God wants to see a faith that inspires action, says Francis in homily

Family synod: Mid-term report stirs controversy among bishops

Cardinal Burke accuses synod leaders of giving a distorted view of the proceedings