Wed 17th Sep 2014 | Last updated: Wed 17th Sep 2014 at 17:30pm

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Topic: Pope Francis

How Pope Francis fooled the Guardianistas

Despite the enthusiasm of the left wing media, the Pope is not abandoning the traditional battlements of Catholicism

The disappearance of traditional religious orders is changing the landscape of the Church

An immense debt is owed to the orders which have been the backbone of the Church’s mission for the last five hundred years

Christians must hang on to hope, says Francis

Pope celebrates All saints day Mass at Rome cemetary

Catholics should not be afraid of having a personal relationship with Jesus

Thousands of religious are leaving their communities each year. One cause is ‘an absence of spiritual life’. This is a tragedy

In times of trouble call on the communion of saints, urges Francis

We are a great big family through baptism, the Pope says

Pope says hope is not mere optimism but a link to eternal life

Pope addresses a group of Mexican priests during morning Mass service

Pope Francis meets Aung San Suu Kyi in Rome

Pontiff assured Nobel Peace Prize winner of his prayers for the Catholic community in Burma

Francis celebrates family life with 100,000 people in St Peter’s Square

Pope urges couples to see marriage as a life-long journey

Must Catholics be poor?

There should not be one standard for the clergy and another for us lay people

Marriage is not easy but it is beautiful, says Pope

Defending family also means defending a community based on a marriage between man and woman