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The Mass marked the 1,050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism

Francis visited and prayed for 89-year-old Cardinal Macharski

The Pope made ‘beautiful’ appeal to bishops to ensure the elderly were not forgotten at World Youth Day

Francis has arrived in Poland at the start of World Youth Day 2016

The Pope spoke to reporters on his flight to Poland for World Youth Day

The book, also available as an app, includes chapters on God’s providence, the family, and economics

Amid all the excitement at the start of World Youth Day, there have been opportunities for profound reflection

St John Paul II’s former secretary preached to more than 200,000 pilgrims on Tuesday

At World Youth Day, young Catholics will use the weapons of prayer and brotherhood to defy terrorists

A nun who escaped the church in in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray said the terrorists filmed themselves before killing Fr Jacques Hamel