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Whose legacy will last longer?

Benedict XVI favoured a slow, step-by-step approach to reform, while Francis prefers sweeping initiatives that advance quickly

The Pope and the Council continue to discuss the process of identifying candidates for bishop roles

The Pontiff told his general audience that Church leaders should act like Jesus and be among the poor

Fr Douglas Nowicki reportedly presented the souvenir to the Pontiff earlier this week

The Pope wrote to Buenos Aires bishops about their proposed guidelines for priests following Amoris Laetitia

Papal commission steps up work to educate Church about abuse

Giuseppe Chiolo, who is being treated at an oncology ward in a Florence hospital, wrote to the Pope with a request to meet him

The Pope called on Catholics in the African country to be ‘builders of peace’

The event came at the end of a week of festivities organised by Macedonia’s parliament

As Theresa May prepares a Brexit plan, the subject will be the focus of much debate