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Pope Francis told priests to minister to couples who live together the same way they minister to the poor

Fr Mauro Inzoli, a convicted abuser, appealed successfully to Pope Francis not to be laicised

Il Foglio newspaper says the Pope helped to speed up the purchase of a church and complex

Pope says Anglicans and Catholics must be ‘always more liberated from our respective prejudices from the past’

The Pope told Jewish scholars that the Torah showed ‘paths of goodness [that we] must walk together’

Pope Francis met Villarreal ahead of their cup match in Rome

Their lives cause scandal, the Pope said, and lead people to say ‘it would be better to be an atheist’

Mgr Konrad Krajewski will donate his shopping bags – filled with cheese and prosciutto – to soup kitchens in Rome

In an interview with The Irish Catholic the cardinal also expressed scepticism about the idea of women deacons

Cardinal Zen said the Pope was ‘naive’ in his pursuit of a deal with Beijing