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Topic: Pope Francis

Today’s Catholic must-reads: 07/08/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis is not contradicting Benedict XVI over order to Franciscan Friars, says Vatican

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate say they will “submit in obedience to the Holy Father”

Full text: Pope Francis’s World Mission Day message

‘Missionary spirit is not only about geographical territories, but about cultures and individuals’

Pope denounces ‘poison’ of consumerism in ‘society based on profit’

Pope Francis addressed crowds in St Peter’s Square yesterday

Raise young to respect other faiths, Pope says in message to Muslims

Pontiff says young must be taught ‘to avoid ridiculing or denigrating’ other faiths

Pope Francis chooses ‘fraternity’ as the theme for World Peace Day

The Pope’s message aims to highlight the dangers of indifference towards others

WYD 2013: I eagerly await the moment when at the end of the WYD Mass, the Pope announces ‘London 2022’ as the next WYD. I hope to see you there.

We need to bring World Youth Day to London, writes Jo-Anne Rowney

Morning Catholic must-reads: 01/08/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis says he plans to visit Assisi, Jerusalem and Asia

Pope Francis will visit Assisi on the feast of St Francis

Pope not trying to change Church teaching, says Cardinal Dolan

The Archbishop of New York has made clear that the Church’s position on sexuality remains unchanged