Wed 23rd Apr 2014 | Last updated: Wed 23rd Apr 2014 at 16:21pm

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Topic: Pope Francis

Pope Benedict didn’t finish his final encyclical. His first, Deus Caritas Est, was started by Pope John Paul: couldn’t Pope Francis complete his last?

Even better; we now have two popes: why not the first joint papal document?

Pope Francis warns of the dangers of ‘unbridled capitalism’

Pope speaks at 25th anniversary celebration of Vatican women’s shelter

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Pope Francis prays for Oklahoma tornado victims

Pope calls on faithful to join him in prayer

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Don’t be afraid to follow the Holy Spirit, Pope says at Pentecost Mass

Holy Father urges faithful to ‘strike out on new paths’

Pope Francis is right to be cautious about distributing Communion

‘If you are out of communion on a matter as fundamental as the right to life, surely you have chosen to cut yourself off from the community of fellow worshippers’ says Francis Phillips

‘There’s hunger for mercy in the world’

Cardinal Seán O’Malley talks to Mary O’Regan about Irish abortion legislation, Pope Francis and his new role as a ‘super cardinal’

Be wary of media’s agenda for Pope, says Bishop

Bishop Mark Davies issues warning in homily to Union of Catholic Mothers

The first step towards truth is acknowledging how little we know

When it comes to the Catholic Church people think they know it all