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The role of the traditional parish church fiercely defended by Pope Francis

Church secretaries should be a cheery voice at the end of the phone to prevent scaring away callers

The cardinal said Amoris Laetitia proposed ‘a new pastoral approach’ which was ‘more dialogical and merciful’

Pontiff says that in the Year of Mercy it’s ‘ever clearer that the path of forgiveness can truly renew the Church and the world’

The martyr, who was assassinated while celebrating Mass, is suggested as patron saint at WYD to be held in Panama

Pope Francis tells general audience that the Olympics brings down barriers between people from different backgrounds

The Pontiff told the faithful that young people today gave ‘strong signs’ of hope and brotherhood in a world plagued with ‘cruelty’

Catholic women used to wield colossal power. The Pope’s commission alone can’t bring back those days

The Pope told Polish bishops that there are powerful institutions which fund the spread of gender theory in schools

The letter, signed by 45 theologians and priests, identifies what it describes as errors which a reader could mistakenly draw from the recent apostolic exhortation