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The Pope called on Catholics in the African country to be ‘builders of peace’

The event came at the end of a week of festivities organised by Macedonia’s parliament

As Theresa May prepares a Brexit plan, the subject will be the focus of much debate

In a book-length interview Benedict XVI says he was ‘more of a professor’ while Francis was a ‘man of practical reform’

Pope Francis tells pilgrims not to put limits on the scope of Christ’s mercy

In his latest monthly message, Francis asks the faithful to ‘contribute to the common good’

The Vatican has released the Pope’s schedule of events for the last three months of 2016

The Pope offered prayers for Sister Isabel Sola Matas during the canonisation Mass for Mother Teresa

The Republican candidate for president posted the video to YouTube ahead of Mother Teresa’s canonisation

Many prayed at the new saint’s tomb, while other watched the canonisation on TV