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The Pope is making clear there is now only one centre of power at the Vatican

At least 80 people have been killed since anti-government protests erupted three months ago

Vatican says Holy Father is following Charlie Gard situation ‘with affection and commotion’

The cardinals who elected Pope Francis hoped for major curial reform. Why isn’t it going to plan?

The Pope had previously reduced the sentence of Fr Mauro Inzoli

Cardinals are not called to be ‘princes of the Church’ but to be servants to their people, Francis said

The Pope said cardinals are called to be grandfathers who help young people find meaning in their lives

Francis urges priests and bishops to maintain ‘evangelical closeness’ to their flocks

The Pope will also celebrate Mass in Bogota’s Simon Bolivar park that is expected to draw up to a million people

By January next year, the Pope will have visited nearly every country in South America – apart from his homeland