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Images of college students who went missing in Mexico's Guerrero state are set outside the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix by immigration reform advocates (CNS)

Pope Francis’s trip to Philadelphia coincides with the anniversary of attacks which left six people dead and 43 missing

Mary Jo Copeland gives welcome bags to members of a family in Minneapolis (CNS))

Mary Jo Copeland, who founded Sharing and Caring Hands, will meet the pontiff on Thursday

US diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis talks to American Catholics during a reception at the US Embassy residence in Havana (CNS)

Diplomatic progress is being made every day, Jeffrey DeLaurentis told US Catholics in Cuba

Pope Francis (CNS)

The former metropolitan of Iraq, Jordan and Russia was elected patriarch last week

Pope Francis meets with families in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Santiago de Cuba, (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Why Cuba loves Pope Francis

Francis can truly relate to the people of Cuba

People cheer as Pope Francis arrives for  Mass in Revolution Square in Holguin, Cuba (CNS)

Pope Francis’s visit to Cuba has brought renewed hope to many Catholics on the island

Pope Francis circles the altar with incense during a Mass in Revolution Square in Holguin, Cuba (PA)

The Pope addressed thousands of Cubans on the feast of St Matthew

Pope Francis embraces a nun during vespers with priests, religious and seminarians at the cathedral in Havana (CNS)

Pope Francis delivered an off-the-cuff homily in Havana’s cathedral on Sunday

Pope Francis and Cuba's Fidel Castro shakes hands yesterdat (AP Photo/Alex Castro)

Why did Pope Francis meet Fidel Castro?

The Holy Father wants to reach out to public sinners, even Communists

Most people welcome Pope Francis (AP)

Not everyone is pleased to have the Pope visiting America