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It seeks to obliterate the past, eradicate cultural differences and leads to persecution, the Pope said

Pope Benedict’s ‘prayer and his discreet and encouraging presence accompany us on our common journey,’ Pope Francis said

Cardinal Sergio da Rocha will take one of the most important roles in organising the synod

The Pope marked the first World Day of the Poor with a Mass attended by 6,000 poor and homeless people

Francis will visit the Buddhist-majority country later this month

Pope says ‘intent to end life’ is completely different from withdrawing excessive or inappropriate medical treatment

It might baffle Catholics elsewhere, but in England many supporters of clerical marriage are conservative

The Eucharist is ‘the highest, most sublime’ way of encountering God’s love, Pope Francis said

It is important that spouses and parents are not left alone in their commitment to applying the Gospel, the Pope says

Francis met retired marine Edwin Restrepo during his visit to Colombia