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The then Bishop Karol Wojtyla of Krakow – a great shepherd (CNS)

We need shepherds, not bureaucrats

Bishop Alan Hopes Photo: CNS

Bishop Alan Hopes says Church leaders ‘ have to remain humble’

Pope Francis greets the Pope Emeritus at Castel Gandolfo (CNS)
Photo: PA

The common good depends on stable marriages open to life

Dr Giles Fraser Photo: PA

Dr Giles Fraser is mistaken when he suggests that celebrating the triumph of the Cross is theologically illiterate

Benedict XVI at this morning's general audience at Castel Gandolfo (AP)

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The French geneticist’s Cause is needed more than ever

Blessed John Paul II (CNS)

Evangelium Vitae was clear: it should principally be about ‘the seriousness of abortion and euthanasia’

The Pope greets diplomats yesterday (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito, Pool)

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A scene from Of Gods and Men, about the martyrdom of the Tibhirine monks

One priest suggests they cannot be Christian martyrs if they repeatedly worshipped a false god