Fri 21st Nov 2014 | Last updated: Thu 20th Nov 2014 at 22:52pm

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Topic: prayer

Filipinos pray for safety of Pope Francis ahead of visit

Prayers urged in wake of claims of Islamist threat to pontiff

James Foley’s letter to family described solace he found in prayer

‘I can touch you even in this darkness when I pray,’ wrote murdered American journalist to his family

Would you set up a ‘little oratory’ in your house?

An energetic new book offers a helpful guide to praying at home

St Dominic’s prayer postures are a yoga dedicated to Christ

In a recently rediscovered text the founder of the Dominican order shows how we can unite body and soul in prayer, says Angelo Stagnaro

The Pope explains why we dare to call God Father

Our own use of the word ‘Abba’ is the fruit of the presence of the Spirit of Christ within us, he says

How your mobile phone can help you pray

Some think that smartphones are a threat to spiritual life. Nonsense, says Angelo Stagnaro

Prayer should always include praise, says Pope

At his general audience Benedict XVI says prayer should not just be a request for God to fulfil one’s wishes

Pope speaks about the power of prayer and humility

At his weekly general audience Pope Benedict XVI said prayer and humility helped people fulfil the will of God

Benedict XVI: prayer is an art learned through constant practice

In his weekly general audience the Pope reflects on Jesus’s prayer

Prayer is essential for grasping life’s meaning, says Pope

People do not know who they are unless they pray regularly, Pope Benedict XVI says at his general audience