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Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz said that the Vatican has begun asking more than a dozen orders to send their superiors to Rome to discuss concerns

The Pontiff delivered a speech to the executive board of the United Nations World Food Programme in Rome

Francis was speaking to the national directors of the pontifical mission societies at a meeting in Rome

Following a request from the Pope, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is organising a two-day workshop that will take place in November

Pope Francis led thousands of men on a spiritual retreat in Rome

Blessed Stanislaus Papczynski will be canonised in Rome on June 5

Romanitas was the glue that kept the Empire together. The Church has something strikingly similar

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz said the rejection of lists of names showed ‘intolerable disrespect’ for a country’s Church

The European Festival of Joy and Mercy will take place in November

The event was sponsored by Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need