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St Gregory II (February 11) was a treasurer, librarian and theological adviser before becoming pope

St Miguel Cordero (February 9), born with crippled legs, wrote his country’s standard Spanish grammar textbook aged 19

St Thomas Aquinas (January 28) was an unrivalled theologian who used scientific rationalism to support the doctrines of Christian faith and revelation

St Agnes (January 21) went to the place of execution ‘more cheerfully than others go to their wedding’

St Fursey (January 16) helped advance Christianity in East Anglia and northern France

St Genevieve Torres Morales (January 5) was told she could not join the Carmelites because of a handicap

St Gaspar del Bufalo (December 28)

St Francesca Cabrini (December 22) became the first American to be canonised in 1946

St Daniel the Stylite (December 11) was told that monastic discipline would be beyond him

St Cecilia (November 22) apparently survived three blows of the executioner’s axe