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Topic: same-sex marriage

Morning Catholic must-reads: 05/02/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Forcing through the same-sex marriage Bill will bring Cameron down: his determination to do it shows how out of touch he has become

He has thrown away his authority as Tory leader over an issue utterly irrelevant to the nation’s problems. Is he mad?

Bishops’ briefing on same-sex marriage Bill: full text

Here we publish the bishops’ conference briefing in full

‘Government cannot protect teachers from the sack, if they refuse to teach same-sex marriage’

An official has said that any decision about sacking teachers who refuse to teach about same-sex marriage, ultimately rests with Strasbourg and not the Government

Catholic priests are right to express fears over Government marriage plans

Equality legislation will certainly undermine the Government’s supposed guarantee

Bishops to send out a million postcards on marriage

In accompanying letter Archbishop Smith urges priests to ‘do all you can’ to oppose Bill

Letter signed by 1,000 priests: same-sex marriage will restrict freedom of Catholics

Letter to Telegraph says legislation would erode ability of faithful to ‘participate fully’ in public life

The Soho Masses are now to be discontinued; and the ordinariate has its ‘cathedral’; all we need now is to clarify Catholic teaching on civil unions

The Church of England accepts them: but the CDF has made it clear that we do not. But things seem a little ambiguous here. How come?

Six things to pray for in 2013

Ireland, marriage, Parliament, Pope Benedict XVI and atheists all need our prayers in 2013, says Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith.

Cardinal questions whether David Cameron can be trusted

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor says there was no mention of same-sex marriage in his party’s manifesto