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Bishops Philip Egan and Mark Davies said an ‘equalities agenda’ could lead to intolerance

The judge said the high profile issue of ‘transgender equality’ had stopped council workers from taking action

Michael McGrath, director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service, said that Green party policy would bring an end to state-funded Catholic education in Scotland

Neil Addison says schools maybe sued if a crime is committed following the implementation of the policy

The Bible is on American Library Association’s list of ‘most challenged’ books

Lebanon will become the thirteenth country in which the Scottish charity delivers its food and education programmes

England and Wales’ lead bishop for prisons has said ‘prisoners should be treated as assets to our society rather than liabilities’

Sir Michael Wilshaw addressed the the annual conference of the Catholic Association of Teachers, Schools and Colleges

The schools were closed to pressure the Israeli government to grant budgeting equality

The Catholic Education Service has said that religious instruction must remain part of Catholic education