Fri 31st Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 31st Oct 2014 at 16:19pm

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Topic: science

Pope says official exorcists show Church’s love for the suffering

Francis also says Big Bang theory and evolution do not eliminate God’s existence

The academic who read The God Delusion then turned to God

Judith Babarsky read Richard Dawkins’ book and Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth before converting to Catholicism

Dr Patrick Pullicino: ‘It is important to declare yourself’

The doctor who raised the alarm about the Liverpool Care Pathway says science and religion are closely linked

The Belgian priest who invented the Big Bang theory shows up the modern canard about faith and science

The father of cosmology was wedded to science and the Church

Peering down a microscope can bring us closer to God

Science can lead to wonder in the way it reveals the beauty and harmony of creation

Niall Ferguson is wrong to suggest that Christianity stifles scientific enquiry

Rather, there is plenty that encourages it

Government should rethink university cuts, bishops say

Bishops express concerns after their autumn plenary meeting

Bishops fear ‘negative impact’ of higher education cuts – full text

Bishops concerned by ‘utilitarian approach’ to university funding

West London boys learn about science and faith

Sixty boys at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in west London spend a day on retreat at Farm Street