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Topic: Second World War

Nazi massacre of Carthusian monks recalled in new book

Journalist suggests Causes could be taken up by Italian bishops

Why a French town became a haven for Jews fleeing from the Nazis

A new book looks at a part of southern France where tight-knit communities saved Jewish lives

Should the Pope push through the canonisation of Pius XII?

A new book suggests the wartime pope used all the means within his power to help Jews

D-Day landings: Pope pays tribute to ‘heavy sacrifice’ of soldiers

In message to French bishops Pope remembers soldiers who fought Nazism

Now the voice of Leo XIII is just a click away

The Vatican’s ‘Voices of the popes’ audio archive is a reason for rejoicing

The pope who guided the Church into the new millennium

Blessed John Paul II (October 22) played a decisive role at the Second Vatican Council

Mark Cheng: ‘It would have been nice to be a Jesuit’

The 83-year-old first-time novelist was inspired by his escape from the Japanese occupation

Polish and Ukrainian Church leaders pledge forgiveness over war deaths

Seventy years after massacres, archbishops call on people to ‘come together as brothers’

The nightmare ended in jazz and cigarettes

Ed West says that Norman Stone’s new book is yet another lapidary work of genius

The incredible sacrifice of Salvo D’Acquisto

Just 22 when he gave up his life, the story of this young Carabinieri should be better known