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‘The threat of Islamic extremism is of course always there, but the situation is now relatively safe’, claims local bishop

Somalia’s al-Shabab rebels claimed responsibility for the attack on the Bishaaro Guest House

Dozens of men were killed during the attack on the El Adde camp

Cardinal Wuerl says politicians, the media and even Christians have remained silent about persecution of the faithful


His Holiness would do well to listen and learn from the African Church, whose religious experience is arguably more authentic than that of the West

Catholics are in desperate need of some moral clarity from the Church

‘The time for cautious diplomacy is at an end,’ Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk has said

Don’t be fooled by appearances: the meek-looking Bishop Alessandro has the heart of a lion and is putting his life on the line in northern Kenya

Open Doors International said 2014 had the highest level of global persecution of Christians in the modern era