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The crucifix dating back to the 1300s will be shown to the public for the first time after fifteen months of restoration work

The Pope urged the Church to welcome migrants at his general audience yesterday

The singer will help celebrate the Blessed’s Albanian heritage in a concert at St Peter’s Basilica

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Pope Francis addressed bishops at a feast day Mass at St Peter’s Basilica

Cheryl Tobin, who has stage 4 cancer, said she was ‘overwhelmed with emotion’

The mosque, if completed, will be bigger than its rival in Morocco – which may be part of the point

Francis offers Easter message of hope after a bleak week in Europe

‘No matter how far the hate of human beings can go, the love of God always has been, and will be, greater,’ says papal preacher

Rector at basilica says he has also seen a rise in non-Catholics wanting to go to Confession