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Topic: St Thérèse of Lisieux

If the Catholic blogosphere is to survive then our bloggers must become more Catholic

If Catholic blogging is limited to Vatican politics and the personality of the Pope then it will run out of steam.

Chesterton and St Thérèse were ‘soul twins’, says priest

Father John Udris, who is investigating GK Chesterton’s Cause, says his public persona belied humility

Saint John Paul II’s father is a role model for all men

The late pope’s father was instrumental in forming Karol Wojtyła’s faith

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Why are Catholics so disobedient?

None of us is immune from the temptation to dissent

Humility attract people to Church, Pope tells Council of Cardinals

Council of Cardinals gather in Rome for three days of talks with Pope on reform of the Vatican

Do we really need to canonise our popes? Who counts more, St Francis, or the pope of the day?

The Catholic Church ‘thinks in centuries’ and this phrase rests on the received wisdom that time needs to pass before we can make a judgement on someone

Morning Catholic must-reads: 27/09/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Run away from sin and don’t look back, says Pope at morning Mass

‘Faced with sin, we must escape without any nostalgia,’ Francis says

Can Catholics support capital punishment for terrorists?

Would it not be more just to execute perpetrators rather than incarcerate them?