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St Thomas Aquinas is depicted in a painting at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington (CNS photo)

St Thomas Aquinas was not proving the existence of God as you would a piece of furniture. He was testing whether the concept of God made philosophical sense

Participants in the fifth annual Aquinas dinner at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, West London

RE department of St Benedict’s School, Ealing, hosts Aquinas dinner in honour of the patron saint of theologians

St Thomas was capable of dictating to four secretaries at the same time

St Thomas Aquinas (January 28) was an unrivalled theologian who used scientific rationalism to support the doctrines of Christian faith and revelation

Benedict XVI greets the faithful during yesterday's Angelus (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)

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Women in Benghazi rally in support of coalition strikes (CNS photo/Finbarr O'Reilly)

This is a risky venture: but the risk of doing nothing was much greater