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ISIS claimed responsibility for last month’s attack which killed 20 people and injured more than 40

Fr Dhiya Aziz, who was reportedly captured by Islamists prior to Christmas, has now been released

Bishop Declan Lang will lead a delegation of bishops from Europe, South Africa and North America later this month

Mrs Clinton said that the evidence now shows ISIS’s campaign is one of genocide

Tiny country has 1.5m Syrians on to of 500,000 Palestinians from previous conflicts

The resolution calls for a ceasefire, the establishment of a unity government and the calling of elections

The road back to peace

The Middle East is more polarised along religious lines than ever before. Yet recent history shows the region can return to the enlightened tolerance it once enjoyed

Our Christmas can never be based on past memories alone. It must be for us, in our own day, a present work of the Holy Spirit

Patriarch Twal has also urged people to show solidarity with victims of violence and terrorism