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Fr Tim Finigan says Church leaders should not be using ‘personal standing to squash disagreement’ after blog controversy

Paper named in Niche Market Newspaper of the Year category for this year’s 2014 Newspaper Awards

Fr Murphy-O’Connor passes away in Jerusalem at the age of 78

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor reveals Pope was keen to “assert his respect for the Queen”

Print Edition 5.4.13

This week’s issue of The Catholic Herald features an extract from Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s new book, The Church: Unlocking to the Places Catholics Call Home, in which he poses the question, should churches be sold off to raise funds for the poor? Elsewhere in the paper, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith advises on the best way to face the Second Coming; Lady Paola Windsor reports on Pope Francis’s first days in office; Fr Peter Malone discusses Babette’s Feast, the new Pontiff’s favourite film; James MacMillan argues a poor Church needs grand music; and Melanie McDonagh says that the Catholic Church was right not to join in the criticism of benefit reforms proposed by Iain Duncan Smith. To keep up with the latest news, reviews and features, order six issues of the Herald for £6.

The Catholic Herald has been nominated for an award for the best Catholic newspaper

Princess Michael of Kent was the guest of honour