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The long tradition of the presence of Christians in the Middle East is nearly at an end

If assisted suicide is legalised we must hope doctors don’t share Polly’s point of view

And this confusion is rooted in the arrival of the Pill in the early 1960s

If we really have to have an established Church, its head needs to take the defence of basic Christianity quite seriously

The recent attack on the Jesus Joy Church, which left at least six people dead, is thought to be the work of Al-Shabaab

Some commentators even take it as meaning that Pope Francis would have been in favour of the Soho Masses

Sarah Teather made her decision while on a month long retreat

He prefers to communicate by means of discussion and conversation rather than preaching at people. But he never places the teachings of the church in any doubt

Despite the enthusiasm of the left wing media, the Pope is not abandoning the traditional battlements of Catholicism

The murder of an innocent man in Bristol illustrates how gossip and innuendo can have catastrophic results