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Education spokesman David Kurten said that ‘confusing fringe ideologies’ put younger children ‘at risk of sexualisation’

The bishops said such issues are best handled with care and compassion at the local level

The bill would require students to use the school bathroom consistent with their gender at birth

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Most people instinctively feel threatened by the postmodern redefinition of gender. Their instincts are correct

The lawsuit comes amid fears that Catholic hospitals may be forced to carry out abortions and gender reassignment surgery

The judge rejected the regulation because plantiffs would be forced to violate their religious beliefs

The Church ‘has a big role to play’ in the pastoral care of the transgender community, according to the priest in charge of the outreach programme

The judge said the high profile issue of ‘transgender equality’ had stopped council workers from taking action

ADF say the new law could force churches to ‘violate their core religious beliefs’