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US Secretary of State says ISIS is genocidal in both its ideology and actions towards Yazidis, Christians and Shia

A cross-party group of peers is pushing for a judge to determine whether ISIS are carrying out genocide in the Middle East

The House of Representatives also called for the establishment of a Syrian war crimes tribunal under United Nations authority

The Pope offered his condolences after the death of the former secretary-general of the United Nations

A new report says ISIS is guilty of committing war crimes and ‘possibly genocide’ against the people of Iraq

The Holy See has announced that its ‘comprehensive agreement’ with the ‘State of Palestine’ has now been put into effect

Pope Francis praised for the ‘simple message’ he delivered to the troubled country’s Christians and Muslims

An agreement to try and curb global warming was reached at the UN climate change conference on Saturday

The COP21 conference, currently underway in Paris, will conclude on Friday

Pope Francis has said it would be ‘tragic’ if special interests won out over the common good