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Pope Francis urged city mayors to make concrete changes by pressuring leaders above them

Bishop Sanchez backs collaboration on any project that does not contradict Church doctrine

Archbishop Bernardito Auza said the world risks complacency if nations do not make ‘tangible progress’ in stopping the spread of the disease

We must ‘hear how the poor suffer and how the earth is being mistreated’, Cardinal Turkson tells UN meeting on climate change

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi has said that Europe is practicing a policy of contradictions

French, German and Italian bishops have issued formal statements in response to migration crisis

According to the United Nations, fighting in South Sudan has ‘worsened considerably’ in recent weeks

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Jordan has received only 7.2 percent of $2.9 billion needed for services to Syrian refugees and host communities

The EU has said it will strengthen sea patrols by its Frontex border agency and destroy human traffickers’ boats