Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: US election

Three US states approve laws allowing same-sex marriage

Six states have already legalised same-sex marriage, while 30 states have passed laws prohibiting it

In message to Obama, Pope prays that liberty and justice will guide America

Pontiff congratulates US president on his re-election in a telegram that has not fully been made public

Obama’s re-election is a tragedy, for the US and the world. Now his second term will be overshadowed, as the Benghazigate cover-up unravels

The tragedy is not just that Obama has been a bad president; it’s that Romney would have been a good one

Catholics, a survey says, are split 50-50 in the US election, with faithful Catholics against Obama, “adaptive ones” for him. But how CAN they be?

The National Catholic Reporter is consistently supportive of the President; but what else do you expect?