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Fr Chuong Hoai Nguyen is a refugee-turned-US citizen

‘We hope that President Trump and his administration will take action soon,’ said Baltimore Archbishop William Lori

Rival demonstrations have taken place at Planned Parenthood centres across America

Bishops post online letter for Catholics to send to the president calling on him to sign executive order

The memorandum suspends the entire US refugee resettlement programme for 120 days

Fr Rene Robert, from Florida, was murdered in April

Once President Trump’s ‘travel ban’ is lifted, refugees fleeing to America due to religious persecution will be prioritised

The president has given his voters what they asked for, but will surely never have to implement the unfeasible ban on all Muslims

The US cardinal made the remarks in a letter to the priests of the Washington Archdiocese.

The Pope made the comments in an interview with a Spanish newspaper