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Cardinal Müller’s balancing act

The Vatican doctrinal chief may be a hard taskmaster, but he has an instinct for finding common ground. Can he heal the Church’s divisions?

Ten stories to watch in 2017

A guide to the stories that will be making headlines in 2017

At his general audience, the Pope prayed for prisoners killed in recent riots in Brazil

Cheryl Tobin was blessed by the Pope during a general audience in May

There were two million fewer visitors compared to 2014, but slightly more than in 2015

The Pope said his Christmas message ‘goes out to the ends of the earth to reach all peoples, especially those scarred by war’

In his Urbi et Orbi blessing, the Pope called for an end to the fighting in Syria and other war-torn countries

The Vatican said the presence of the bishop at an ordination ‘created turmoil among Chinese Catholics’

Mgr Vallejo was found guilty of passing confidential documents to journalists