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Cardinal Pietro Parolin recommended coordinated international efforts to end exploitation in the fishing industry

Admonish sin without being a hypocrite, Pope Francis tells general audience

The 21st-century Habsburg mission

What does it mean to be born into one of the most influential royal houses of Europe?

The prisoners were selected according to the nature of their crimes and their behaviour while in prison

The meeting comes two years after Germany defeated Argentina in the World Cup final

The full text of the four cardinals’ letter, preceded and followed by their explanatory notes, is below:

Francis invited homeless people to one of his last Masses held during the Year of Mercy

The boat ‘represents tradition’ as well as the reality of migrants crossing the Mediterranean

Speaking to 4,000 homeless people, he asked for a pardon for all those who ‘look the other way’

The Pontiff told the faithful they should do what they can to restore prisoners integrity