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Pope Francis tells general audience that the Olympics brings down barriers between people from different backgrounds

The French government must recognise its culture as traditionally Judeo-Christian – in short, a cultural renaissance needs to be facilitated by the state

The Catholic Church has been commended by a US official over its response to caring for the needs of fishermen kept as slaves

Archbishop Fisher called for solidarity with other religions, and said the attackers targeted the Christian faith

A nun who escaped the church in in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray said the terrorists filmed themselves before killing Fr Jacques Hamel

Opposition leader Ernesto Samper will ask Pope Francis to send a representative to the country

Francis asked the faithful in St Peter’s Square to pray that ‘the Lord might inspire in everyone intentions of goodness and fraternity’

Together with Kiko Arguello, Hernandez founded the Way in the 1960s

The Vatican sponsored a panel discussion, Eliminating the Trafficking of Children and Youth, at the United Nations

In his time as Vatican spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi has encountered moments of great joy but also times which have required sensitive diplomacy