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The pontiff told the crowd gathered in St Peter’s Square that hatred will ‘turn their hearts to stone’

Francis spent much of Saturday with 106 archbishops who represent him and the Vatican in countries around the world

Francis celebrated Mass to mark the the 200th anniversary of the Vatican Gendarme

Sally Axworthy replaces Nigel Baker as ambassador

Archbishop Anthony Apuron has refused to resign amid accusations of abuse

The Pontiff told his general audience that Church leaders should act like Jesus and be among the poor

Cardinal Angelo Amato said Blessed Wladyslaw Bukowinski ‘showed how faith can bring down walls’

Pope Francis was speaking at a Mass in memory of Fr Jacques Hamel

Papal commission steps up work to educate Church about abuse

Giuseppe Chiolo, who is being treated at an oncology ward in a Florence hospital, wrote to the Pope with a request to meet him