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In a letter to young people Pope Francis said their responses will form the basis for next year’s summit

The study said ‘Generation Z’ were more likely than older generations to call themselves ‘conservative’ on marriage and gender

Despite the pleas of her mother – and quite a few marriage proposals – Elizabeth refused to abandon her vocation

Coaches must be models of integrity for youngsters at a ‘delicate stage’ in their life, says Pope Francis

Former street child asks Pope why God allows suffering

Embrace Liverpool, a major conference for young adults, will take place on November 1

Benedict XVI tells young people in foreword to YouCat that they must know their faith ‘with precision’

Benedict XVI calls for ‘passionate’ study of new youth catechism

Unchaste, egotistical and selfish relationships stifle growth and suffocate the spirit, says Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI tells 2,500 people on Westminster Cathedral piazza that they should make space for silence every day