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ULTIMATE DEAL – The Catholic Herald every week;
Magnificat every month; 2 Devotional companions every year
... and a FREE Rosary Companion to start you off!
All of this from as little as £8.25 a month (Save over £37 per year*)
*Prices based on cover rates for Catholic Herald, Magnificat and Companion unit sales
  • All transactions are conducted within encrypted pages on the PayPal site. No financial transaction is conducted on the Catholic Herald site
  • Address details will be asked for when you purchase
  • If you are purchasing a gift, write out the full address of the gift recipient in the “Address for gift subs” field at checkout
  • You can also send us an email at and give details of the gift recipient address
  • Quantities should be given in the shopping cart where applicable. All prices below include P&P
  • Offer open to UK residents only
  • Price increase from Feb 5, 2013
  • Several Direct Debit options are given below. The best deal is to pay once a year, amounting to an equivalent £8.25 per month
  • Devotional Companions – Advent and Lenten prayerbooks despatched by post in time for the Liturgical calendar period.

I want the annual subscription to The Catholic Herald / Magnificat / Easter and Advent Companions + my free Rosary Companion


Ultimate Magn UK £99 per year
Ultimate Credit Card purchase £99 p/a
Ultimate Magn UK £52 twice a year
              Want to subscribe to Catholic Herald Digital as well?
Only £40 per annum to access this specialist digital viewer
and their archives back to 2003


Ultimate Magn UK £9 per/m

Don't forget.... is free

COMING SOON – Digital archives back to 1888

    Prefer to pay by the month?        

  • The Catholic Herald supplies items by post and is bound by national postal terms. It reserves the right to alter prices without notice. Products are subject to availability. In the unlikely event of any payment disputes and resolution procedures relating to transactions and payments with PayPal, Catholic Herald Ltd
    cannot take any responsibility or part.
  • Catholic Herald Ltd and Magnificat reserve the right to alter, remove, increase the partwork, supplements or companions attached to the core 12 editions which
    make up the annual subscription.
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